Digital Advertising is one of the most cost effective ways of reaching 1000s of new customers each day. We can target your exact demographics to make sure your adverts are seen by potential customers relevant to your business.

FACEBOOK ADVERTISING in Newcastle upon Tyne


Reach 1000’s of new customers per day ! Results with £5-£10 a day budget !


Our managed Facebook advertising campaigns can provide a platform for you to deliver your products and services to a brand new audience.


Scream will tailor your Facebook advertising campaigns to deliver your adverts to your exact audience.

We are able to refine the delivery by a number of different demographics including, age, location and gender.

More specific targeting like Business type, Industry and Relationship status is also effective.


For any queries you can contact us on 0191 241 3831

FACEBOOK ADVERTISING in Newcastle upon Tyne


Have your Ads placed at the top of Google and major relevant Sites


Google Advertising is an quick and easy way to have your adverts seen by potential customers looking for your products and services.


Using Google Adwords we can get your Adverts placed at the top of Google search Engine and with Google Adsense we can place images of your products and services so they appear on major websites that are relevant to your customer market.


For any queries you can contact us on 0191 241 3831

Telemarketing in Newcastle upon Tyne


Using our Digital Marketing packages together will have a great effect on your returns as it will make sure you are connecting with potential customers on every platform.


Digital Advertising will also link in with your website and tie in with your SEO and Search Engine rankings.


For any queries you can contact us on 0191 241 3831

Benefits Digital Advertising….

Page and post likes

Increase your direct page engagements

Sales and conversions

Advertise and sell your products

Website clicks

Direct people straight to your website

Promote offers and discounts

To new and existing customers

Post engagement

Boost your posts to a target audience

Mobile optimised adverts

Daily engagement

We also offer Telemarketing Services that can run along side your Digital Campaigns