SEO is what is performed to increase or traffic to your website through organic search results. Organic traffic is any website visitor you haven’t attracted through paid advertising. We offer SEO Newcastle wide and throughout the UK.

SEO Newcastle


Do you want to be at the top of Google Search Results ?


SEO tasks are what are performed on your site to make you visible in Search Engine results, over 80% of potential customers only click on the first 5 positions in search engine results.


Our SEO services can place you on the first page in Google Rankings. We will work together with you to build a strategy that will work to move your business into the top search results for your chosen keywords and phrases, this will be relevant to your target area whether this be locally i.e SEO in Newcastle for instance or full UK SEO coverage.


For any questions regarding local SEO Newcastle based or National SEO coverage or for a free site analysis please give us a call on 0191 241 3831

SEO Newcastle


Is your website properly optimized ?


On-site SEO is the optimization of website elements this includes all content and HTML of the website.


Keywords and phrases are what Search Engines look for to provide pages to the user looking for relevant information.


Search Engines now use more complex algorithms to rank your pages


  • Is your content substantial enough to provide a good ranking ?
  • User friendly content that is easily readable ranks higher on Search Engines
  • Is your content unique and not copied form elsewhere ?
  • How many page links are there on a page either internal or external ?
  • Page loading speed
  • Is your Website mobile friendly ?


These are just some of standard tasks that Search Engines will look for to rank your website pages.


If you want any information or a free site assessment please give us a call on 0191 241 3831. Local SEO in Newcastle and UK SEO Packages available.

SEO Newcastle


Quality Backlinks are key to ranking your website


Off-site SEO tasks are actions taken to link your website with outside internet places to increase the popularity, relevance and trust of your website.


Websites with more quality backlinks will always rank higher that without.

Building Backlinks is the most important task you can carry out to build up the importance and ranking of your website.


There are 3 main types of Backlinks


  • Natural links- Links that happen without any influence from the website owner i.e someone mentions you in a post and provides a link to your website.


  • Manually built links- These are links that are built from either asking customers to link to your website or asking other sites to share your content.


  • Self created links- Links that are added to forums, directories and comment sections on pages. These links are sometimes over used and can move closer towards Google’s ‘no no’ policies.


All these Backlink types are important in increasing your website importance and popularity. All our SEO services are carried out within Google’s rules and is considered as ‘White Hat’ SEO.


If you want any information or a free site assessment please give us a call on 0191 241 3831. Local SEO in Newcastle and UK SEO Packages available.


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3 Steps for successful SEO……

Website Optimization

Optimizing your website content and pages is the first step to ensuring your site will be indexed and correctly displayed by Search Engines and therefore shown to any potential customers

Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are the key to ranking your website, linking your website to other relevant sites will increase your website authority, importance and guarantee your website is ranked higher than your competitors


So now your website content is correctly optimized we can start to create the relevant Backlinks, then you will start to see your site rise through the Search Engine rankings. All traffic results will be provided

SEO performance is related to Web Development