Telemarketing companies in UK – Human Connections in a Digital World

Telemarketing Companies in UK

Telemarketing companies in UK – Human Connections in a Digital World

The coronavirus outbreak has changed lives dramatically, making self-isolation and confinement the new normal to protecting the health and well being. As a result, humanity has had to deal with economic downturns, unemployment, financial insecurity, and depression due to social seclusion, quarantines, and much more. It is the worst economic crisis since the 1930s, weighing down heavily on jobs, businesses, and salaries. Savings have been knocked over, and if matters were to be discussed beyond financial stresses, the fear and loneliness are affecting the mental well being of all of us because we are unable to socialise like we used to. With people being inept at interacting with each other, touchless and isolated operations are fast becoming imperative. The impact of these factors is visualised in the form of changed behaviours and attitudes.

The contactless world

Now that the world has understood the seriousness of the situation, contactless operations are being extended across retail and other offerings, where businesses are quickly adapting and changing over to digital initiatives to make both internal and customer facing processes as personalized as possible. Telemarketing Companies in UK and some Organizations are videoconferencing, having virtual meetings, and majorly shifting towards digital group efforts. It does tend to impersonalise people as they lose the importance of being in human contact.

Human interactions matter

As humans, we are social beings, and across ages, we have depended upon collaboration to survive challenges. Social connections are what keep human beings safe, according to Agustin Fuentes, an anthropologist at the University of Notre Dame. To keep ourselves alive and kicking, we have to communicate, share insights, and stay connected. If the need to staying connected is deep-seated, then in the COVID-19 world, there is seldom any chance of social interaction, leaving us vulnerable to loneliness and depression.

Engaging with telemarketing companies in UK

While a completely contactless business may not really be ideal, customers are appreciating opportunities to connect and have real conversations. Recovery strategies are coming forth as businesses are laying foundations for the upcoming months. Here, it is also important that your sales and marketing efforts surge ahead to maintain valuable human connections. If you are unable to meet face-to-face, then a phone call can be impactful, providing your customers with a much-needed personal touch.

Being supportive

Going forward, you must allow your customers to share their feelings and thoughts and develop a shared strategy to help your client base evolve. This process has to be continuous.


Both small and big businesses are feeling the heat of the pandemic, and during this vulnerable period, you must be careful while you communicate with the customer. Speak to decision-makers and key stakeholders over a video call while also understanding that these are stressed individuals, as well. Therefore, you must possess enough skill, experience, and compassion to speak to them.

Scream Marketing can help

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