Marketing Companies Newcastle – Get More Sales for your e-commerce Business

Every e-commerce business looks forward to traffic, conversions, and sales. One of the leading marketing companies Newcastle, Scream Marketing, has conducted extensive research to identify some shades, often ignored by digital manipulators that can greatly impact your sales. While focusing on larger issues is rather easy, it is the smaller ones that come in handy for your business.

Here are a few tips you could use to augment your sales.

Offers and Discounts

While this might seem rather obvious, it is the timing, discount percentage that attracts people the most. A limited-period offer will be lapped up almost instantaneously by those who are inclined to make the purchase. At the same time, once you have floated the offer, you have to constantly remind your customer of the time limitation and instil an urgency to make the potential hasten their purchases.

Abandoned Carts

There are several reasons why someone might place items in the cart and not buy them. At the outset, they are interested but not at that particular time. Collate all abandoned cart emails and begin interacting with the customers digitally to let them know that they can fulfil their orders instantly. Moosend published some interesting statistics about abandoned cart emails:

  • At least 50% of the customers who receive abandoned cart emails go on to make a purchase
  • About 69% of the carts online are abandoned
  • 42% of the customers tend to open abandoned cart emails

Offers for repeat customers

Loyal customers appreciate your products and keep coming back to your portal for more purchases. Reward such customers as you return their appreciation with an offer. Give them exclusive discount codes, specially sent to their emails. While it might not have to be monumental a small token can be extended.

Referral Programs

A great way to augment sales, encourage patrons to cite your website with freebies or discounts, to their friends and extended families. Not only do you get new customers, but you are also rewarding your existing clientele for their loyalty. Thus, your regular consumer becomes your brand ambassador and influencer.

Newsletter sign ups

While it might sound trivial, newsletters are enlightening and dissipate relevant information about your progress to the customers. You can always add on to it by offering a discount on free sign-up with your newsletter. Your brand gets all the required recognition and customer relationship is improved.

Checkout spending

It really is a thing and works on the customers’ psyche. For instance, you may want to offer free shipping above a particular amount. And if the customer is close to it, you can always provide a prompt indicating that they are close to achieving the concession with just a few pennies away from the discounted offer. Hard-wire the human brain that always loves free stuff. More often than ever, customers tend to claim free shipping.

Effective use of videos

Video marketing is fast picking up due to its emotional impact on the customer. For instance, Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes videos. Therefore, it might just be a good idea to post videos across your FB profile to drive more traffic.

As one of the premium marketing companies Newcastle based, Scream Marketing strategizes your digital activities so that you stay right ahead of the competition. You can call us on 0191 2413831