How to Build an SEO Agency Based on Current Trends? A Short Guide

How to Build an SEO Agency Based on Current Trends? A Short Guide

How to Build an SEO Agency Based on Current Trends? A Short Guide 

The Covid-19 pandemic has put everything to a stop. Then it pushed businesses old and new in the ‘beginner’s point of view’. The Zen idea implies a curious paradox: you prefer to ignore certain ideas because you learn more regarding a subject matter.

Nevertheless, as companies need to reconsider the current reality and the new standard, must adjust to the present conditions, and find different forms and new ways to rank themselves to stay top in the business market. They should leverage the brains of their newcomers to drive a much-needed shift for both consumers and business.

What follows is a journey to shaping short-term choices that address a central problem – How can you create an SEO agency in 2020?

Let us examine the complexities of the issue, mapping main touchpoints that build the agency’s environment, from analysing current customer behaviour patterns to how main SEO agency partners have changed. 

As an innovative SEO agency in Newcastle, here are some of the trends from our SEO experts of Scream Marketing that could influence in the building up of the SEO agency in 2020, and through the ongoing pandemic. 

  1. Work from Home (Remote Work Option), the viable option for the company’s set-up

The emergence in remote work had been evident long before the pandemic struck. If the trend seemed to be somewhere between experimentation and the productive framework, with its acceleration due to COVID-19, remote work is becoming a major part of the new normal.

Recently, we’ve seen regional constraints change to time zones, particularly for synchronous companies doing much of the work together. The challenge continues to evolve in order to change workflows at both the technical level and business processes, while simultaneously retaining a healthy corporate culture.

That often implies a new form of hiring, promoting job development or facilitating social relations within a team. It can be ascertained that it is clear that the trend of Work from Home is here to stay, reshaping such things as telecommuting, client relationships or individual and team productivity.

  • No-Code is the new code for the websites

Big companies, in their bid to acquire more users, have begun to develop highly customized solutions that influence the business process from start to finish. That’s why we’re seeing a change in perception about the software – not just a tool, but a series of actions that determine a certain business framework and a particular market segment.

If we perceive this business need for successful development and high customization, there is one specific trend. No-code, a movement where people with no programming expertise build websites and streams, such as integrating various systems, using drag-and-drop interfaces, is starting to grow in the early days of inflated expectations.

Reshaping the traditional software development stream from “business specifications” to “software implementation,” no-code essentially means fewer resources spent on coding, and more resources to optimize business processes (marketing, sales, etc.) and exploration.

  • Businesses are doing it in a digital way

Speaking about exploration and experimentation, the outbreak has obligated both small businesses and big businesses to seek alternatives, as digital has become the primary channel for the entire funnel. If a marketing or sales deficit was accessible, the pandemic months would have been the time to examine it.

This creates a golden opportunity for innovation and creativity as more business processes migrate in digital environments: from optimizing digital infrastructure to pivoting customer management and communications, refurbishing customer journeys, and even developing new segments, niches or markets which are no longer out of reach.

This also means a multitude of data needs and a way for SEO agencies to influence their know-how. 

  • Business networking isn’t what it used to be

The pandemic has had a dramatic impact on business networking, as events are not possible in person, a trend that is likely to last longer than expected. The first wave of reactions was to keep moving to online events, virtual summits, and a wide range of webinars, and there is also the issue of informal discussions and sales meetings that need to be reconsidered in order to enhance the integrity of interaction.

As with working remotely, geographical boundaries are no longer a problem for discovering vendors or interacting with peers, which tends to leave a lot of room for creative thinking in the design of new networking methods.

Based on research on the SEO agencies community in Newcastle, we at Scream Marketing, an SEO company in Newcastle have come up with a thorough analysis of the business models of the agencies and what the shifts in 2020 can inspire for reshaping of the SEO agencies to the next level. 

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