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The on-going COVID-19 pandemic has altered our way of life and our attitudes towards business, drastically. Businesses are still mulling over their growth and progress during the biggest economic depressions, ever. However, all is not lost when you partner with Scream Marketing, one of the leading digital marketing companies Newcastle based that suggests several tips and recommendations to stabilize your brand even in widespread unpredictability. In-person store visits have almost been eliminated and the limited foot traffic is only providing abundant opportunities for businesses to make themselves known online. While understanding customer sensitivity, in a self-quarantined world, we help you position yourself for the highest levels of success.

Website maintenance

Bring everything digital about you together across this single platform, which is also the very foundation of your online existence. Your site should be optimised and running smoothly while ensuring that your landing pages are refined, and your site is up to standard.

Social media platforms

With social media gaining prominence more than ever, you must ensure strategic and continuous activity across your social media platforms. This is also one of the most personalised tools that you can use to communicate directly with your customers. Stay on top of your social media profiles without having to spend a fortune. Grow and connect with users intelligently rather than simply blasting away ads.

Defining your KPIs

If you are running campaigns, then you must define its key performance indicators or KPIs that act as benchmarks of a successful campaign. Parameters such as new subscriptions, click-through-rates, page views, and much more must be identified and delineated. Before you begin planning it is highly imperative that you establish metrics that really matter the most.

Local optimisation

Make sure that you target the areas close to your location to attract more customers and advance your business, locally. Present informative content on your website about the specific geographic location, where you are operating from, to target localised audiences.

Building brand awareness

Without brand recognition, you stand to lose a lot of sales however stellar your product or service may be. Build a trust around your brand through testimonials and awareness campaigns and establish a strong reputation so that consumers are attracted to what they trust the most. When you focus more on impressions rather than conversions and clicks, in the early stages of marketing, you will not wallow over loss of sales, yet.

Organic is the key

Keep your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as organic as possible to make it meaningful. You may want to evaluate and consider how your target audience has been impacted by the pandemic before you communicate with your users online. This way your marketing value will outshine your competitors’.

Next level Digital Marketing

Businesses must invest on their online presence, for appropriate brand building and visibility exercises. The more the self-confined consumers see you, the more your credibility. Build a foundation for success as you spruce up your digital marketing activities with Scream Marketing, one of the best digital marketing companies Newcastle based.

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